art for change

The Butterfly Project began with an invitation to participate in Mass MoCA's Art For Change Residency. The residency is part of Mass MoCA's four year long initiative to share focused arts education with elementary students of Northern Berkshire County. The initiative is built around four themes: Empathy, Optimism, Bravery and Problem Solving. The students visit the museum several times throughout the year and work with artists in residence to create art around the selected theme. 

I was invited to be an artist in residence in the theme of Optimism, and I instantly knew what I wanted to create. The theme resonated with the symbolism of butterflies: delicate, vivid, transformative, and creating positive emotions. I remembered a technique my grandmother taught me when I was very young. Together she and I turned crayons in a pencil sharpener to make little crayon shavings which we melted onto wax paper. The effect was like stained glass. This is how we would create the wings. 

Optimism also brought to me a vision of a disco ball helmet. I was inspired by the saying, "The light in me honors the light in you." The disco ball helmet would reflect that light in all directs and create a magical, bright and hopeful feeling.


I shared these concepts with the students participating in the residency with me and taught them the crayon melting technique. During their time at the museum the students made small butterflies to take home and together we made the large butterfly wings to be on display at the museum.

I had one year from the time of the invitation to the residency and in that time I became inspired to share this work with more students. It was time for me to shake my day job, and become a full time artist. I shared my vision with a couple local schools and they were eager to have me work with their students as well.  I wanted to share with these students concepts about Identity and Empathy as well as Optimism through a tactile, large scale art making process.  

The Butterfly Project reached almost 200 students from 6 different schools. Together, we made art and learned about what makes us who we are. For this, I am eternally grateful. 

Here are some photos from the Art For Change Residency, and please visit Mass Moca before Memorial Day 2017 to see this work in person!


autumn in the academy

For our last day of class at Bard Academy we went outside to soak up some of the Autumn sun and capture some fantastic images of our Butterfly mask around campus. We brought some wilder characters along as well.


bard academy

For eight weeks in the fall of 2016 I had the honor of teaching the students of Bard Academy at Simon's Rock. We navigated through the course I designed, exploring Identity and Empathy while we collaborated on a 4ft tall butterfly sculpture. The process was experimental, pushed me outside my comfort zone, and enriched my desire to mentor. Thanks guys, you are awesome.


residency at Mass MoCA

It was an honor for me to participate in the Assets for Artists Residency at Mass MoCA. The studio space and residence were beyond inspiring and the fellow artists in residence were a joy to get to know. The residency gave me the opportunity to get to know the hardworking people of Mass MoCA and plan for some really great collaborations in the future. 

For the residency I crocheted Neon Leon, a 4' standing sculpture with wearable mask. This figure is an example of the new direction I'm taking. I am moving toward installation art, and playing with the interactive opportunities of large, partially wearable art. Thanks Mass MoCA for giving me the intensive environment to push my work to the next level.

sabertooth space kitty totem

Made with love, commissioned through crowdsource. This Sabertooth Space Kitty Totem Mask was a special order for a special lady. Have fun out there!





I am happy to say that my work is featured again at Hardware, the shop at Mass MoCA. I hope y'all have as much fun with them as we did! And if you happen to snap a pic of huck and stuff, go ahead and throw a #huckandstuff so we can have some fun following.

residency in iceland

In May 2015 I participated in an Artist Residency in Eyrarbakki, Iceland as part of Saga Fest. It was an opportunity for a dozen artists from around the world to come together, to share our stories and our skills with the local community. The experience was truly transformative and I feel quite fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate.

saga fest

Hundreds of people from around the world came together to share their story, their arts, their folklore, and a few days together on a farm in Iceland. Here are some of my pictures from Saga Fest 2015.

stylish hip kids

This winter I met the talented photographer Mariliana Arvelo. Her photography is vivid and full of spirit. Here you can see the fun she had with both young and old and a couple pieces of huck and stuff. Check out her website: 

land of the living toys

Carmel Productions did it again with another magical I Feel event. This month at I Feel: Land of the Living Toys, hundreds of brilliantly costumed art and house music enthusiasts came out to share a brightly colored evening, into early morning. huck and stuff popped up with a little tea stop and masked mayhem and danced till dawn.

werewolf space kitty

I get a lot of interesting commissions for masks. Here is one of them: A three-eyed werewolf kitty. Two eyes, with spirals and the third eye with the galaxy. This is what I came up with.

totem masks

Introducing the new Totem Mask. This mask is designed for wearing for long periods of time, allowing the wearer to embody the character while still being able to interact easily.

111 minna

Here's that time we went to 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco for a huck and stuff life drawing showcase.

brooklyn wildlife

The Party Animals themselves, Brooklyn Wildlife escaped to the Berkshires. We had a lot of fun together. Here is evidence of what is sure to be the first of many collaborations…


love it

This three-way collaboration came together quite nicely. I crocheted a mischievous Bunny, Fox and Raccon for tattooist Evan Lovett and photographer J. Isobel De Lisle, who came up with this dreamy photo series. Thanks guys, these pics are amazing!

See more about them on their web sites: Evan Lovett and J. Isobel De Lisle.


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

This quote was painted on the captivating moving art installation created by artists of Poetic Kinetic and Herakut. The massive moving snail glimmered through the Coachella Music and Art Festival. The quote on the back was a brilliant  metaphor for my experience over the weekend in the dessert because I had arrived alone and knew I wanted to go far. Lucky for us all, Coachella is a great place to make friends.

rock baby radio

Here’s what happens when huck and stuff gets on the loose in LA.

Photos from a collaboration with fashion bloggers at Rock Baby Radio.

korenman series

Eric Korenman and I have been collaborating on this series of photos exploring the separations between the figure and the abstract in society and nature. Please check out more of Eric’s work at