stylish hip kids

This winter I met the talented photographer Mariliana Arvelo. Her photography is vivid and full of spirit. Here you can see the fun she had with both young and old and a couple pieces of huck and stuff. Check out her website: 

land of the living toys

Carmel Productions did it again with another magical I Feel event. This month at I Feel: Land of the Living Toys, hundreds of brilliantly costumed art and house music enthusiasts came out to share a brightly colored evening, into early morning. huck and stuff popped up with a little tea stop and masked mayhem and danced till dawn.

werewolf space kitty

I get a lot of interesting commissions for masks. Here is one of them: A three-eyed werewolf kitty. Two eyes, with spirals and the third eye with the galaxy. This is what I came up with.

totem masks

Introducing the new Totem Mask. This mask is designed for wearing for long periods of time, allowing the wearer to embody the character while still being able to interact easily.

111 minna

Here's that time we went to 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco for a huck and stuff life drawing showcase.